We have a specialised team of consultants that will assit you with your GMC application, perhaps the most important one in your life, and we ensure that you have a successful outcome to your registration process with the UK General Medical Council (GMC)

The GMC is a regulatory body that provides license for doctors working in the UK. The documentation process adopted by the GMC is lengthy and an absolute headache for doctors/graduates around the world. The comprehensive process could potentially ruin a doctors career and future prospects of being able to practice medicine in the UK if a single mistake is made in the process. Afterall, GMC holds public safety standards at the very heart of it's decision making process where even a single unintentional mistake in your paperwork could be deemed as foul-play and therefore questions your entire credibility of delivering best medical care to the public in the UK. At Med Guide Europe we ensure that your documents are carefully reviewed and properly organised by our specialist consultants before their submission to the GMC.

The GMC usually requests two types of documents, as listed below:

1. Medical School Qualification Review Form (MSQR1) – The MSQR1 Form is completed by educational institutions and helps the GMC assess if an institution is still complying with standards similar to those of UK Medical Schools. The GMC may ask institutions to complete this lengthy form from time to time. Under our guidance, a number of Universities have successfuly submitted MSQR1 applications and have been accepted by the GMC.

2. Primary Medical Qualification Form (PMQ1) – The PMQ1 Form is the most frequently requested document by the GMC. Like the MSQR1, this form too requires a lot of work and attention and a single mistake could be detrimental. The burden of proof lies on the doctor submitting this form, thus providing the correct supporting documents is crucial. Med Guide Europe consultants can advise and review your documents before you submit them to the GMC to make sure that you have a successful outcome.

Our GMC Services:

Med Guide Europe prides itself in assisting many international medical graduates (IMGs) in adequately completing, advising and checking all forms that are submitted to the GMC.

We have had the pleasure of completing in excess of sixty PMQ1 forms, all successfully. Our accreditation specialists are well versed with GMC requirements and what the GMC Investigation Team looks out for. At present, we have multiple university partners which use our services for all their graduates.

As part of our service, we do the following:

  • Educate you on the overall process
  • Advise on what you will require
  • Complete documents to be authenticated by universities
  • Final check by a specialist MGE assessor before documents are submitted to the GMC



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