Medical University of Silesia

Medical University of Silesia

Medical University of Silesia is a state university which is recognised for its long outstanding reputation since 1948. The medical university of Silesia in Katowice is currently the largest medical school in Poland.

Medical University of Silesia has over sixty years of experience in providing high quality education. The university of Silesia in Katowice is currently the largest medical school in Poland. It was established a few years after the end of World War II in 1948 due to the increased demand for medical doctors. During the first five years it consisted of one school of medicine and dentistry department, but over the years it has become one of the largest institutes in Poland. In a few years, the number of students grew to over 2000.

As the years went by the university decided  to establish the University’s Campus in Katowice. In 1971 this plan was successfully implemented which is now the headquarter of the university. The university has developed many activities and has become a large Higher Education Institution. At present it has five schools that provides education in 16 fields of studies, focused on preparing specialists for work in various communities and national health care centres. It provides education to over 10000 students, PhD and postgraduate students.

In 1996 the university introduced the English language programme, so the school has a long-standing experience of teaching international students. Since then, it has educated and produced thousands of medical professionals who are practising their profession globally.

Advantages of studying at Medical University of Silesia:

  • The entire course is taught in the English language.
  • The degree is recognised by the European education system.
  • The university follows an advanced European class.
  • Low entry competition.
  • The entire admission process is easy and simplified.
  • The Medical University of Silesia has 1300 academic staff to meet the needs of students.

  • Admission

    Entry Exam

  • Tuition Fee Medicine


  • Tuition Fee Dentistry


  • Undergraduate Entry Medicine

    6 Years

  • Undergraduate Entry Dentistry

    5 Years

  • Intake


  • Funding

    Not Available

  • Graduate Entry Medicine


  • Graduate Entry Dentistry

    Not Available

  • Clinical Rotations

    Medicine: Up to the last 3 years

  • Country


  • Address

    Poniatowskiego 15, 40-055 Katowice, Poland

Accommodation Costs (Monthly)

At Med Guide Europe, we ensure our students are kept up to date with all the information they require when studying abroad. For that reason, we have provided an estimated cost of amenities below:

Rent (Private Accommodation)

£100 – £200





Electricity & Gas




TV Cable/Internet


Public Transportation



£260 - £360

University FAQ's
  • Applicant must be 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the admission year.
  • Applicant is required to take the National Eligibility Entrance Exam (NEET).
  • Requires English qualification such as TOEFL or IELTS  before admission. A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is requires.
  • Applicant requires to have obtained at least 50% pass mark in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  1. Registration and submission of application. All the documents needed for admission to be sent beforehand.
  2. Applicant will be notified regarding the status of their application.
  3. Upon successfully applied, candidate is required to send/post the printed & signed application form with original or notarised copies of all required documents (please save the original documents).
  4. If the University Admission Committee does not receive the required documents before the deadline candidate’s application will be withdrawn from the system.
  5. Once your documents are verified, you will be notified about further actions.
  • High school Certificate (translated in Polish)
  • Diploma Certificate with grades (translated in Polish)
  • Medical certificate
  • Language certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Photographs
  • Katowice city in the capital of Śląskie province, an important hub of the giant Silesian region. Katowice offers many attractions for tourists to discover, from the classic and charming to industry and innovation.
  • The city has a population of over 300,000 having 2.1 metropolitan area.
  • Katowice has been going through a noticeable metamorphosis, working hard to bring new life to its urban space. It’s a vibrant, modern city, the beating heart of Poland’s first metropolis, the host of many major events and a UNESCO-recognised city of music that is bursting with green spaces. For all these reasons and more, it’s not a surprise that it has become such a popular place to live, study or visit. 
  • The Katowice City has plenty of green spaces and parks such as Silesian Culture, Refreshment park, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park and Zadole park which are tourist attraction of the city.
  • Poland is considered a very safe and friendly country to study and live. According to the statistics, it is one of the safest countries in the European Union.
  • English is fairly widely spoken in Poland with just over a third of Poles overall reported as being able to speak English to some degree.
  • Each city has its own urban transport authority, so ticket prices vary from city to city. The good news, however, is that if you are a student (and therefore have a student ID), you are entitled to a large discount (usually 50%).
  • In Poland, freedom of religion and conscience is constitutionally guaranteed, so if you are a follower of one of the legal religions, you do not have to worry about practising it.
  • It may not be so good in every part of the country, but in the south, in the Silesia region, unemployment is very low and you can choose between many different companies to work for. Big or small, production or services, Polish or foreign – the choice is yours.
  • They say that wages in Poland are low, but the cost of living also isn’t very high (at least not as high as in Western cities). The good thing is that salaries are growing every year and there are pay rises at the beginning of each year. Also, if you decide to change your job you will get yourself a salary increase for sure.
  • Cities offer all the services and entertainment one needs, but living in the village is also comfortable. There are all communal amenities necessary for a normal life.
  • Nature in Poland is amazing! It’s very diversified and it has everything which is needed for a nice weekend or memorable holidays. It has fantastic mountains in the South, seaside in the North, and lots of forests, lakes and National Parks in between.
  • Forests and meadows are usually public and available to everyone. There are no fences which would keep you from enjoying nature.
  • Summer is summer, winter is winter. There’s a big distinction between seasons which makes life more interesting. Poland has a fresh scented air in spring, scorching hot in summer, colourful leaves in autumn and snow in winter.

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