Study Medicine in Poland in English

Study Medicine In Poland In English

Poland is fast becoming a popular destination for prospective students wishing to study medicine abroad. Poland is home to one of the first universities in the world. The Cracow Academy, known moment as the Jagiellonian University, was established by King Casimir the Great in 1364.

In present, the country with over 650 times of advanced education under its belt, Poland has trained some of the most influential doctors and dentists, which has served wisdom and medicine around the world.

The most notable of lecturer being Marie Curie, who not only entered the Nobel Prize in Physics for her benefactions in discovering the goods of radioactivity in medicine but was also awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry as well. She’s one of only four people to have entered the award doubly throughout history.

Other notable scientific figures include a Polish surgical platoon breaking captions in 2013 after getting the first to work on a full face transplant on a case.
In terms of the number of students enrolled in advanced education, Poland is in fourth place in the EU after France and Germany, independently. With its ultramodern structure and high standard of education, it’s no wonder that this country is snappily proving to be one of the stylish places to study medicine abroad.

Poland lately joined the European Union in 2004 and the Schengen Area in 2007, which placed it on the chart as a serious option for students wishing to study abroad. A medical degree gained from a Polish university is recognized worldwide, whether it’s in the UK, Europe, or indeed the United States.

The degree follows strict Polish and European standards of teaching, with transferring from one medical institution to another becoming much more comfortable with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Why Study Medicine In Poland?

There are numerous reasons to choose to study Medicine in Poland. Polish medical universities offer high-quality education to students that wish to study medicine abroad. Some other reasons include:

  • Poland is a modern, dynamic, fast-developing country which is a member of the European Union.
  • The country ranks 21st among the world’s most developed economies, where education certainly counts
  • All higher education institutions in Poland use the ECTS credit system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) which eases international credit transfer.
  • You will receive a Diploma Supplement in English when you complete your studies. It will ensure your degree is recognised in your home country or abroad.
  • Poland’s higher education system is well-developed thanks to quality monitoring, evaluation and improvement.
  • The better part of medical universities in Poland organise premedical courses in English
  • You will have access to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and libraries, so you acquire professional knowledge and skills from practitioners in different areas of medicine on-site.
  • Graduates can apply for residency and postgraduate training programmes at university teaching hospitals in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Norway and Sweden.
  • The tuition fees and cost of living in Poland are relatively lower than most EU countries but this does not compromise quality in any way
  • Poland is a safe and stable country with a rich culture and traditions, a great place to spend your student life
Medical Universities In Poland
FAQ's About Poland

In Poland, the Medicine course will take you 6 years. The duration of dentistry and pharmacy is 5 years.

Yes, most of the Polish universities accept transfers.

Worldwide,  Poland’s degrees are recognised around the Globe.

Yes, some of our partner universities offer graduate entry admission.

The average price of medical education in Poland is €12000 per year for international students.

Yes, all medical courses for international students are taught in English.


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