Trakia Medical University

Trakia Medical University

Trakia Medical University is an autonomous state educational and scientific institution based in the town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The university offers MD programme and Veterinary Medicine in English.

Trakia Medical University was established in 1995 on the basis of the Higher Institute of Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine  and the Higher Medical Institute -Stara Zagora, with their existing faculties and independent units.

Trakia University provides high quality higher education for professional careers in the field of human and veterinary medicine, pedagogy, engineering and technology, agriculture, economics, ecology and environmental protection, in order to professionally and personally develop the specialists necessary for the economic and spiritual prosperity around the world. The university’s mission determines its educational policy which is focused on basis of society on a regional, national and international needs. For its implementation, Trakia University is guided by strategic guidelines, towards which it orients its overall activity.

  • Entry Exam

    Exams in Biology & Chemistry

  • Admission in Veterinary

    Exam in Biology

  • Tuition Fees Medicine


  • Tuition Fees Veterinary


  • Undergraduate Entry Medicine

    6 Years

  • Undergraduate Entry Veterinary

    5.5 Years

  • Intake


  • Graduate Entry

    Not Available

  • Address

    Stara Zagora 6015, Bulgaria

Accommodation & Living Costs (Monthly)

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Food Shopping

€150 -€200

Electricity & Gas




TV Cable/Internet


Public Transportation




University FAQ's
  • Both the Medical Doctor  & Veterinary programmes are taught in English.
  • Affordable low tuition fees.
  • The degrees are recognised worldwide.
  • The training of students is conducted in 16 academic buildings with 456 modern lecture and computer rooms, 330 rooms for seminars and practical exercises, language laboratories, clinics and more. At the university level, a total of 20 research and diagnostic laboratories in various scientific fields have been established.
  • Early exposure of clinical rotations.
  1. An Application form, signed by the candidate.
  2. A Certificate issued by any of the Regional Departments of Education in Bulgaria which recognizes the applicant’s secondary education from abroad. Passing marks should be at least 62 % of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respective country. (The 62% rule is applicable only to the non-EU candidates – it is an obligatory rule for getting visa type “D”). This means that the average of the required marks in the Certificate issued by the Regional Department must be at least 3.72.
  3. A copy of ID – passport.
  4. 4 photos.
  5. An application fee.

NB: prospect students are required to have studies biology and chemistry.

  • Stara Zagora is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. With around 135,000 residents, Stara Zagora is a cozy and quiet place to live. People are more relaxed than in the bigger cities (like Sofia or Plovdiv), and generally, they’re friendly and laid-back.
  • The cultural offer is vast, with various plays and musicals at the Opera theatre. In summer you can enjoy classical music concerts in the old Roman forum.
  • The city welcomes students from all corners of the world.
  • There are many parks and green spots where you can take a short break from the city vibes. It  has  beautiful streets in the centre. They’re quite picturesque, as trees line both sides of the streets creating a sort of “green ceiling.” This is so characteristic of Stara Zagora that the town is also known as the city of linden trees.


  • Bulgaria is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. It is located in south-eastern Europe and is known for its scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and affordable cost of living. The country has a diverse population and is home to many foreigners from around the world.
  • Bulgaria has affordable housing, low cost of living, friendly locals, and calming lifestyle of living.
  • Bulgaria can provide you with very different experiences depending on whether you live in one of the cities, or in smaller towns and villages.
  • Bulgaria has a very beautiful scenery. The mountains are stunning and the ski resorts are breath taking, nothing to envy to any other country in the world. There are a lot of natural honey producers here. You can see jars for sale on the sides of roads and in any of the villages. Fruit and vegetables are for sale everywhere and are the most delicious. Hot summers and cold winters. Winters can be below -15. Summers can touch 35 or even 40 degree Celsius in some areas like Plovdiv and south Bulgaria.
  • Traveling inside the country is relatively easy because everything is within distance, trip Sofia-Varna is one of the longer distances to travel is only 450 km, and there are also flights that connect both cities in less than an hour. But if you prefer the beautiful landscape and have enough time, you can take the slow train service, you can pass from the mountains to the Black Sea coastline in a couple hours and in between, you will find beautiful valleys.

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