Study Medicine in Romania in English

Study Medicine In Romania In English

Medicine in Romania has a long-standing tradition that dates back to 1700, with multitudinous Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine. The excellent quality of education is why numerous multinational students choose to study medicine in Romania. You won’t want further as far as your education goes. You don’t indeed have to take our word for it. Numerous graduates from Romanian universities will tell you themselves.

The university of your choice warrants that Romanian medical education offers are recognized by the GMC as well as throughout Europe and the rest of the world as the courses are compatible with the European regulations. There are in-numerous figures of students who graduate every year and head back to their home countries to work or further their careers. Studying medicine in Romania is snappily getting the de-facto option when compared with the conditions that numerous places worldwide need for entry.

Why Study Medicine In Romania?

When looking to study medicine abroad in English, look no further than Romania. Here are the top reasons why you should choose Romania:

  • The MD or DMD degrees you get is recognised worldwide
  • Admission requirements are lower than countries from the West
  • Tuition fees and living costs are very affordable
  • You can study in English or French
  • A wide variety of medical universities to choose from
  • Less competition for entry compared to countries like the UK
  • Some medical schools do not require passing an entrance exam
  • Modern facilities and hospitals with top-notch technology & equipment
Medical Universities In Romania
FAQ's About Romania

Yes, it will be. For your peace of mind, we recommend you check with your local medical council as well. A simple call should suffice.

Most certainly! They also have medical programmes in French so you can choose between the two.

It depends on which university you choose. Some universities require you to pass an entrance test while others rank you based on your high-school diploma sciences grades. It’s best to contact our advisors for specific information.

Yes, most Romanian universities accept transfers.

The living costs in Romania are between €300 and €600.

Medical education in Romania is 6 years. However, if you have previously earned a health-related degree, you can apply for graduate entry medicine, which takes 3 or 4 years to complete.

No. The tuition fees are ranging from €5000 up to €9500 per year.

Yes! International students can apply to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary in English in Romania.


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