University Life

What we offer to enhance you study?

Student can join different cultural amateur groups, in sports conditioning, as well as join a range of other societies that concentrate on enhancing the university experience of the students such as Academic societies, Debate societies, and numerous others. 

Most medical universities in Europe  have societies like the British & Irish Student Association, MSA (Muslim pupil Association), ACS (African and Caribbean Society), and more. These societies regularly plan social events enabling their students to get to know each other on campus and outside campus. Students can also sport activates such as football.

Transport In Europe

Generally, students live about 5 – 10 minutes walk from their campus. Travel is usually very affordable, enabling students to get where they want very easily. This allows students to explore numerous sites in whichever site they wish to study. Motorcars are veritably frequent and costs around 20 cents per trip. Travel passes very cheap in most cities which can be used on buses, metro and trams. Some students prefer to purchase a bike to explore the city they wish to study.

Benefits studying in University

Career Specialization

Increased Exposure

Social Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Every university we offer provides excellent libraries with all necessary textbooks, study areas and computers with internet access.

Yes – there are several sports societies like basketball, swimming, football and cricket. There are also sports competitions organised regularly for the students.

Yes – the Universities are in locations which is Muslims friendly. There is halal food options, with mosques for prayers and Islamic societies organising events.


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