Study Medicine in Georgia in English

Study Medicine In Georgia In English

Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Georgia has become an increasingly popular choice for both undergraduate and graduate students alike.

The reason behind this is simple and clear – Georgian medical universities offer quality medical education at an affordable price. Georgia is continuously investing in medical education, hence the Georgian medical universities continuously get stronger in their rankings and their recognitions.
Nearly every medical university in Georgia, especially in the capital city of Tbilisi, offers Medicine and Dentistry programs taught entirely in English.

Tbilisi sits at an elevation of near bases above ocean position and has a population of roughly1.4 million people. The city has been an important profitable, artistic, and educational centre since ancient times. Encircled by breath-taking mountain landscapes, the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi is a charming option for students wishing to travel abroad. Tbilisi is also home to many fascinating museums and impressive Art Nouveau architecture. Students can enjoy cheap, reliable and efficient public transport.

Why Study Medicine In Georgia?

Georgia offers an excellent education system to students around the globe. The country has a century worth of experience for providing medical education to foreign students. The education system is based on European system and is largely recognised internationally. The main reasons why transnational students are applying for medical universities in Georgia are:

  • Low tuition fees – tuition fees can range between €3000 – €7000, which is way lower as opposed to countries from the west.
  • Low living costs – spending a month in Georgia as a student will amount to around €300 – €400, while in the west you could spend twice or even thrice this amount
  • No entry exams – besides good command of English, there really are no entrance exams for medicine in Georgia. You are evaluated based on your high-school grades.
  • Graduate and undergraduate programmes in English – available to first-year students or students already holding a bachelor’s degree in another health-related field.
  • The country is safe for foreigners – Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world, according to Numbeo.
  • Recognised universities – degrees from Georgian universities are recognised worldwide.
  • Georgian universities provide several intakes throughout the year – in February and March or September and October.
Medical Universities In Georgia
FAQ's About Georgia

Yes, you can! Only if you have a previous biomedical, science or similar degree.

Please note that graduate entry degrees from Georgian universities are not recognised by the GMC.

No, there are no entry exams. The only requirements are good grades in your high school diploma and proof of English language proficiency.

No, Georgia is among the cheapest places to live and study.

Georgian universities are accredited by almost every country and medical institutions worldwide.

Medical education in Georgia is 6 years.

Yes, medical education for international students is entirely taught in English.

Yes, some medical schools accept international students who wish to transfer from one medical university to another. For more information, contact one of our expert advisers.

The average cost to study medicine in English in Georgia is €4500 per year.


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