Grigol Robakidze University (GRUNI)

Grigol Robakidze University (GRUNI)

GRUNI implements educational programmes based on scientific achievements and orienting activities towards the student by preparing generations of competent specialists in Medicine.

GRUNI is a University community with high sense of social responsibility: it guarantees an educational service of high standard for training specialists and professional development in Adjara region; and will utilize the experience of academic and scientific-research activities for realizing the services oriented towards the European population.

The University will become a scientific-educational centre of international renown, primarily, in the directions of Law and Medicine.


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    Tbilisi, Georgia

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$250 - $400

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$150 - $200


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$451 - $651

University FAQ's
  • According to the research of the UNESCO International Institute of Education Management, Grigol Robakidze University is among the top five higher educational institutions of Georgia in terms of the employment of students.
  • It is significant that not only graduates, but also students easily meet the demands of the labour market. If one follows the statistics, you will  see that over 30 % of upper level (year) students are already employed. Moreover, in the inner contest of companies they show better results than other candidates.
  • The Georgian Government has reviewed the results of certifying exams passed by medical students. The meeting confirmed that the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of Grigol Robakidze University won the first rating place according to the level of knowledge and the number of received state certificates. It’s also noteworthy that the first 98 and 99 points were fixed among the graduates of GRUNI.
  • GRUNI has the newest teaching technologies – case methods, master classes, modelling methods, the system of working on projects, discussion methods, interactive and presentation methods of delivering lectures.
  • GRUNI has highly ranked qualified professors. The great majority of them are well-aware of modern teaching methods what is proved by certificates issued by local and international centres of professional development.

GRUNI has exceptional resources for its students:

  • The School of Medicine has several laboratories, laboratories of chemistry, biophysics, histology, anatomic museum and preparation-experimental suite.
  • A comfortable library with over 20 000 books and digital units, equipped with computer and other audio-visual technique.
  • The University is recognised for high level academic programmes which are in line and recognised by European partners. International programmes give additional opportunity to become competitive on local and international market.
  • Linguistics Centre where students of the English Language and Literature programme work independently to develop linguistic skills.
  • Simulation Training Laboratory Centre for dental students which was established in 1997 and is still unique in Georgia. In this Centre students master the skills necessary for dentists on phantoms i.e. dolls. They will develop these skills in the University Dentistry Clinic while working on patients. The clinic is situated on the first floor and occupies 500 square meters.


  • The university offers 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine course.
  • Students graduate the course with an internationally-recognised Medical Doctor (MD) degree
  • Students gain hands-on experience in GRUNI and GRUNI partner Hospitals, which is owned and run by the university itself.


  • The dentistry course at GRUNI lasts for five years.
  • The programme aims to give students a strong understanding of all pre- and post-clinical procedures relating to dentistry.
  • The course initially focuses on pre-clinical study through which students can learn dentistry fundamentals. In later years, the curriculum shifts focus to clinical training.
  • Newly qualified dentists can find employment in Georgia or practice in countries across the world such as the USA, the UK, Canada, or Australia.
  • Students have the option of studying online for up to the first two years of the 5-Year Dentistry course. This is a temporary study option for students due to Covid-19.


  • Many of the world’s Medical Councils require that the Medical School that awarded the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) be listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS).
  • Additionally, each region has its own requirements:
    • UK
      • The General Medical Council (GMC) expects a medical degree to have a minimum 5,500 Clock Hours over a minimum period of three years.
    • USA
      • The Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.
    • Australia
      • The Australian Medical Council (AMC) maintains an additional database of Recognised Medical Schools.
      • It also requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.


  • Prior to application for the Overseas Registration Exam, international dental graduates must submit a record of their clinical experience and dental degree.
  • The General Dental Council (GDC) in the UK specifies a minimum of 1600 hours of clinical experience which:
    • Comprise hours spent completing appropriate investigations and/or administering dental treatment
    • Do not comprise time spent observing dentists or assisting other dentists/dental students
  • The 1600 hours of clinical experience can be:
    • From during the dental degree,
    • During post-qualification experience, or,
    • A combination of degree and post-qualification experience

Applicants are required to provide the following information to Med Guide Europe:

  • MGE application form which includes the following details: bio, education history, and course you are applying for.
  • A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied, or copy of graduate studies transcript and diploma.
  • Documents confirming that you are authorised to study in Georgia from your home country.
  • Copy of Passport
  • All documents also need to be translated into the Georgian language to satisfy state directives – this will be done by MGE as part of our services to you.
  • Encircled by breathtaking mountain landscapes, the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi is a charming option for students wishing to travel abroad.
  • Tbilisi is also home to many fascinating museums and impressive Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Students can enjoy cheap, reliable and efficient public transport.
  • Rated by the Lonely Planet as “one of the most beautiful countries on earth,” Georgia is a haven for nature-lovers with its immense bio-diversity. It boasts more than 40 protected areas, including the Tusheti National Park and the Greater Caucasus Range.
  • Due to its low crime rates, Georgia is ranked as the 10th safest country in the world.
  • Recent years have seen major updates to Georgian public transportation, meaning that visitors can travel the country with ease.
  • Located at the crossroads of the old Silk Road, the country of Georgia boasts a rich and fascinating history. With three UNESCO world heritage sites as well as many other historical monuments, Georgia is an attractive option for students with a keen interest in history and culture.

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